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Youth & Missions Pastor Search Team

 First Baptist Church of Mocksville is currently searching for a full-time Minister of Youth & Community Missions. This position is responsible for the coordination, planning, and directing of our youth ministries (Grades 6-12) and the outreach and mission activities for our church. The minister we are looking for should be strong in relationship building with the church family, a passion to love and engage our community with the gospel, and a desire to lead youth into a meaningful personal relationship with Jesus.


The Minister of Youth & Community Missions is responsible for the coordination of planning, directing, and evaluating the church's ministries with youth. This person is also responsible for the coordination of planning, directing, and evaluating local ministry/mission activities for our church body.
Responsible To:  Pastor for Daily Supervision, and to The Personnel Committee
1.    Plan, coordinate, direct and evaluate the youth ministries of the church through the basic church program organizations in cooperation with the pastor and appropriate lay leadership.
2.    Work with the Youth Leadership Team to plan, coordinate, direct, and evaluate special youth ministry activities and programs (retreats, conferences, mission activities, trips, etc.)
3.    Publish a calendar of events based on activities planned in conjunction with the appropriate individuals or groups previously mentioned.
4.    Help lead youth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and nurture them in faith.
5.    Develop personal relationships with individual youth, counsel as needed, and refer youth and families to other appropriate resources as needed.
6.    Provide pastoral care to youth and their families and be available for ministry to them as needed.
7.    Attend Staff Meetings.
8.    Learn basic skills for using the sound in the sanctuary and the CORE, and Easy Worship.
9.    Preach on the rotation as established by the Senior Pastor.
10.      Plan, coordinate, and direct local ministry/mission activities for the church with input from various leaders and members.
11.      Perform other duties as assigned.


*  Must be a born-again Christian believing in the sacrificial death, burial and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

* Must have a calling to minister to students grades 6-12

* Must have a desire to spread the gospel and the love of Jesus to the community

* Must adhere to our What Unites Us Statement (click on the link to read)

If you feel a calling to youth ministry and have a desire to reach a community with the gospel then please send a resume to our Youth & Missions Pastor Search Team at 

Please include current ministry information with any links to teaching or ministry. 

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